A preliminary set of interface documentation is provided to facilitate understanding and development on MAS. These, along with the code base, are subject to change. Registered participants will receive notification of changes or publication to the documents. Modifications to the 0.6.0 documents are being made to reflect the 0.6.2 release and will be available here soon.

MAS Client-Side API

MAS Device Programmer's Interface

MAS Common Library Interface


Slide Presentations about MAS

Linux-Kongress 2002 in Cologne, Germany, 5 September 2002
Integrating Sound and Multi-Media with X (.pdf 1.2MB)

Gnome Summit in Cambridge, MA, USA, 20 July 2002
MAS: The Media Application Server (.pdf 260KB)

GUAD3C in Sevilla, Spain, 5 April 2002
MAS: The Media Application Server (.pdf 560KB)