Kudos for MAS®

2 September 2004

4Front Technologies named MAS® "Killer app of the month" (August 2004).

KDE Summit

2 September 2004

In August, Leon had several sessions with the KDE audio team in Ludwigsburg, Germany about MAS® functionality.

LinuxWorld San Francisco August 2004
2 September 2004

Leon moderated a panel discussion, "The X Window System and Related Critical Foundational Technologies," at LinuxWorld on August 5. Look for articles on MAS® in the coming months.

LinuxTag, GVADEC June/July 2004

2 September 2004

Leon and Silvio returned from LinuxTag in Germany and the fifth GUADEC in Norway. Check out their paper for LinuxTag, "Writing Network Multimedia Applications with MAS®."
LinuxWorld New York 2004
Jan 20-23
14 January 2004

Happy New Year! Some of us will be at LinuxWorld New York (LWNY) 2004 from January 21 to 23. We're in the booth, #20 in The Javits Center, Level 3 - Hall 3E. Stop by and learn more about MAS® and MAS-based solutions to problems in accessibility, streaming media, and desktop media integration!

LinuxWorld Frankfurt 10 October 2003

Leon Shiman will demo MAS® 0.6.2 features at LinuxWorld Frankfurt, Oct 27-29, 2003. Visit X.Org at stand F06 in the .org Pavillion. Hewlett-Packard graciously continues to provide hardware support for MAS® and X.Org at European venues.


LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 1 August 2003

Leon and Silvio will demo MAS® in the X.Org booth (#12) at Moscone Convention Center, August 4-7, 2003 in San Francisco, CA. They are also offering a BOF Session, BOF14--Using MAS® Infrastructure and Sound Server, in Room 308 from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesday, August 6, 2003. Link to LinuxWorld:


LinuxTag 2003, Germany 31 July 2003

Leon and Silvio demoed MAS® in the X.Org booth (G30) at LinuxTag July 10-13, 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Link to LinuxTag:


LinuxForum 2003, Denmark 10 February 2003

Symbion, Copenhagen on March 1, 2003:
Leon Shiman will be giving a talk on MAS: Resolving the need for a media standard for open-source.

The goal of this presentation is to provide developers and planners a detailed review of the new open-source MAS Technology for Media and Accessibility Applications for Linux and Unix. MAS is scheduled for public release by X.Org with X11R6.7 on March 1.


LinuxWorld New York 2003
Jan 21-23
6 January 2003

Happy New Year! A bunch of us will be at LinuxWorld New York (LWNY) 2003 from January 21 to 23. We're in the booth #21, Hall 3D. Stop by and see us!
We are holding a press conference on Wednesday, January 22 from 12:30PM to 1:15PM, in room 1E05. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about MAS and MAS-based solutions to problems in accessibility, streaming media, and desktop media integration.


IST 2002 in Copenhagen
4 November 2002

Leon will be leading a networking session at IST 2002 on "Standards for Open Source."


MAS @ Linux-Kongress in Köln, Germany
2 September 2002

Leon Shiman and Mike Andrews will be demoing MAS™ at Linux-Kongress in Cologne 4 September - 6 September 2002. Leon and Mike will also offer a presentation entitled "Integrating Sound and Multimedia with X" on Thursday, 5 September at 14:30 at Linux-Kongress. Here's the slides from our talk (.pdf 1.2MB).


MAS @ LinuxWorld in SF
1 August 2002

We'll be giving a live demo of MAS at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, CA from the 13th to the 15th. We're in the booth. Stop by!


Gnome Summit
20 July 2002

We gave a short talk at the Gnome Summit. You can download our slides in .pdf format (260K).


5 April 2002

Hola! Leon and I are giving a talk at the Gnome Users and Developers Conference in Sevilla, Spain today. And, we've finally opened up anonymous CVS access! If you weren't lucky enough to have tapas and vino with us, you can download a copy of our presentation (.pdf 560K).


Welcome Back!
13 February 2002

We're releasing the code to the Audio Task force today.


30 January 2002

We're at LinuxWorld in New York. We're doing a BOF tonight (Wednesday) from 6:00-7:30PM. Stop by!


10 January 2002

We're taking the time to firm up the architecture and crank out some documentation while the lawyers fight it out over the code release. Stay tuned!


ALS Report
9 November 2001

Leon and I are at ALS. The response to our "minimalist" MAS demo has been overwhelmingly positive! We hooked up with some great people from the Linux audio scene, including Erik Walthinsen and Christian Schaller from the GStreamer project and Josh Green of Smurf sound font editor fame.


XMMS Plugin
6 November 2001

Silvio and I completed an output plugin for xmms. We needed something to demo at ALS, looks like this is going to be it!


It's working...
30 October 2001
MAS is really starting to take shape. Here's the short list:
  • Support for .wav, .au, and Ogg Vorbis
  • Network transparency with RTP
  • Audio support for Linux and Solaris
  • X server tunneling
  • software mixing
  • sample rate conversion

Download the full update: xorg-audio-update-30-oct-2001_rocko_1_0_dft.txt. Status Update
29 June 2001

I gave a presentation on the status of MAS at the June meeting in Nashua, NH. They voted to fund continued development!xorg-june-2001-audio-presentation_xorg-audio_1_1_fin.pdf


The MAS project web page goes online!
26 February 2001
At long last, the Audio MAS Project site has gone live. Stay tuned here for news and status updates.

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