How to (Setup Media Server)

Turn Your PC into a Multimedia Server

Multimedia content is increasingly common for users, few are those who do not have a good amount of stored photographs and also music or videos. Well, thanks to media servers it is possible to share this type of files with different devices connected to the same home network. And, we, we will indicate how to achieve this with a Windows computer.


The truth is that with the Microsoft operating system – we in this article will use the Windows 8 version, everything necessary to convert a PC into a multimedia server is included. And, therefore, it is not necessary to resort to the installation of third-party software to achieve this. Therefore, we talk about a process that is completely free and that, in addition, is not especially complicated to perform.


By the way, to be able to share the contents that are stored in the computer it is necessary that the different devices are connected to the same home network (or the place where it is), since otherwise it is not possible to find the server That is created. Apart, and as it is logical to think, the computer must be turned on so that the rest can locate it.


Steps to Perform


As we have indicated, there is absolutely nothing to install to convert a Windows computer into a multimedia server. Therefore, with a few operations it is possible to activate the necessary services for this and that Microsoft has included in its operating system.


What you have to do is, first, access the Control Panel of the operating system. Now select the Network and Internet option that appears in the window. Here, if you are connected to a network, you can connect the content server to the device, which must be selected in the window that appears. Then, a wizard is run that allows you to select the folders to share and, in addition, there are also options to do the same with different types of files. Of course, if you leave the option that comes by default, everything is solved by pressing OK.


Options to Consider


There is a possibility that one more step has to be taken so that everything is completed correctly. An example of this is that you have to access the Network and Sharing Center to activate the visibility of the computer. At this time, the group to which the computer belongs (which is the network to which it is connected) should be searched in the lower left. Generally it is Grupo Hogar – if the configuration is not this, a wizard will appear to know which folders of the team you want to share.


On the computer screen, the option Change group settings at home will appear, and then click on the link called Allow all computers on the network … With this, everything would already be activated, and, now, even a list appears of connected devices that can be selected as those that have permissions to play the contents of the computer (and vice versa). By the way, if the system generates a password as a password, do not forget it to be able to make subsequent modifications to the configuration -not to be able to access the contents.

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