To access your music among various devices you have many options. In addition to the lifetime option, that is, copying songs from your computer to the device, there are more and more popular online solutions such as uploading the music to the cloud or listening to it through streaming services. On the way between the two kinds of solutions, I propose you create your own multimedia server with Subsonic. What is a multimedia server? Basically, your PC / Mac is the server of your music, stored on the hard drive. And from another device, which may be another computer or a mobile, you stream the music. Let’s see how.

Subsonic is a program for Windows, Mac, and Linux that acts as a multimedia server for your music and videos. It also has the support of several applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry that act as a client. And on the other hand, from any web browser, you can access the content remotely. By default, it is free, although its most interesting features are paid through Subsonic Premium, which you can try for free for 30 days.

Install and configure Subsonic

The first step is to install Subsonic on the server computer. The process is simple and the server starts automatically. Although it has configuration options, basically everything is customized from the web browser. By default, you enter with the admin/admin credentials, so a first step is to change your password or create a new user from “Settings” and “Users”.

To start listening to music or watching videos, you will have to configure the corresponding folders from “Settings > Media folders”. The only catch is that you have to configure the path by hand. Once you added the routes, and after clicking the “Save” button, only click on the “Refresh” in the left column to display the groups or singers that is there in your music collection, or videos, you can choose between the two content types with the drop-down in the left column.

When selecting each item, its contents will be displayed in the main panel. In the case of songs, if they have a cover configured, the list of songs with the image will be displayed.

Access remote content

Once we have Subsonic installed and the content available, you can access it in two ways: via the web or from an official application. They are available for all tastes, free and free of charge, including extensions for Google Chrome. Depending on your needs, and the operating system you use, you’ll do better one or the other.

In any case, you can also access remotely from a website. To enable it, you will have to go to the Subsonic configuration via web: “Settings > Network”. The simplest option is to create a custom style address “” with your name.


Is Subsonic worth using? Depend. If the music you listen to is available in services such as Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud, Subsonic will not be needed. In case the songs you have in your collection are rarer to find online, you can choose to upload them to Dropbox or Box. But if it’s the case that you’d rather listen to those files exactly and not the music provided by a strange server, Subsonic gives you that control. Having your computer all day is not such an excessive expense nowadays, and with a good internet connection you will have your own personal music server that you can also share with your friends and acquaintances.

The image, whether in the form of photography or video, is an important part of our digital Life. The Facebook Instagram, full of photos of our friends, with photos of all kinds besides food and cats, or YouTube, the largest portal to share and watch videos, is proof of this. The cloud is a great ally in the creation of multimedia content, and we have seen online graphic publishers offering impressive results. In the case of the video, we have seen that from YouTube you can edit your own Videos. This time I want to talk about WeVideo, a web tool to edit video in the cloud and share it with your friends.

The advantages of using WeVideo to edit video in the cloud are those you have already read in countless articles where we have told you about web applications: it works from any computer connected to the Internet, directly from the browser, without installing additional applications and also consumes fewer resources from your computer.

In addition, as particularities of WeVideo, it is designed for all kinds of users, from amateur video fans, teachers or students and even professionals who need a platform from which to edit videos and upload them to the Internet to share them with the world.

In my case, and certainly in yours too, a free account is more than enough, as it offers the basic editing functions, 5 GB to save videos up to 480p, 0 ‘ 25 hours of video to export per month and music licensed to add to your pieces. If you need something else, such as editing videos up to 720p, working with other remote users in editing the video, or up to 20 GB to save your videos in editing, you can opt for professional payment accounts with monthly subscriptions between $4.99 per month and $99.99 for the most complete option.

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