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The quickest way to get the MAS source is to use CVS. After downloading, refer to the README and INSTALL files for help.

Update (June 14, 2004)

Version 0.6.3 is out. This is a bug fix release:

  • rare but critical bug in assembler fixed (missing break statement caused some newly connected devices to disconnect immediately)
  • bugs in error logging system related to varargs fixed
  • improvements to the build system – can now install to more FSSTND compliant target directories.
  • anx device improvements, esp. on AIX


Update (October 18, 2003)

Version 0.6.2, the latest release, contains numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, including:

  • using signals to avoid polling
  • various integer counter/clock overflows fixed
  • improved Solaris support
  • new software mixer app, “masmm”

With these improvements we got the masplayer client to play reliably across the network for more than 100 hours without problems. We got bored after that and stopped it 😉

Note that the package protocol has changed slightly (for float and double control data) in this release, so you should generally not run sessions between 0.6.3 servers and servers of previous releases.

MAS® Source Code Tarballs:

Un-tar the Core, Developer Tools, and Control Applications Tarballs in the same directory.

MAS Core

The MAS core distribution contains the server, core devices, libraries, and the sample maswavplay client. You need this if you’re going to use any MAS applications.

MAS Developer Tools

The MAS developer tools package contains a number of programs useful to MAS device and application developers. You may view the list of included applications on the Applications screen

MAS Control Applications

The MAS Control Applications package is a suite of MAS-enabled, network transparent applications, including a media player and 2-way conferencing clients. You may view the list of included applications on the Applications screen

MAS Accessibility-Enabled Application Demo (please wait — this application will be released soon)

The MAS Accessibility-Enabled application demo is a prototype GTK+ 2.0 GUI client with pull-down menus that are spoken using MAS and pre-recorded speech.

XMMS Output Plugin for MAS 0.6.3

The xmms-mas-plugin enables xmms users to take full advantage of MAS’s local sound mixing capabilities by using the media application server for sound output.

MAS MAD MPEG 1 (mp3) Codec Device (GNU GPL)

The MAS MAD MPEG 1 codec is capable of decoding .mp3 and other MPEG-1 format files using the high-quality, integer MAD decoder library. This requires the MAD libraries to function. Since MAD is released under the GPL, so is this device. Please note: this device is approved for non-commercial use only. Commercial use requires a license from the MPEG licensing authority.



How to retrieve the MAS development source tree with CVS 1.10 or greater

  1. Create a directory to store sources in.
  2. cd to that directory
  3. Type:
    cvs -d ‘’ login
  4. Password is “anonymous” (without the quotes)
  5. Type:
    cvs -z3 -d ‘’ co -P .

At any time in the future, you can update your tree by changing to the source directory and entering:

cvs -z3 update -P -d

In some cases, you may need the full command line:

cvs -z3 -d ‘’ update -P -d

MAS® Binaries:

MAS output plugin for xmms 1.2.x


Downloads Source Tarball CVS Binaries
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